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Jesus Christ Superstar. Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice. MKPS 2011/2. MCA Records. 16 Oct 1970. UK

Y siguiendo el origen de esta Opera Rock, llegué a su edición original, cuando solo era un LP doble, un disco conceptual.

Les dejo con la edición original Britanica, editada por MCA Records.

Las fotografías son desde Discogs, el sonido: del ejemplar original que llegó a mis manos.

Una obra maestra.

A1 Overture Leader [Choir] – Alan Doggett 3:59
A2 Heaven On Their Minds 4:23
A3 What's The Buzz / Strange Thing Mystifying 4:13
A4 Everything's Alright 5:15
A5 This Jesus Must Die 3:36
B1 Hosanna 2:07
B2 Simon Zealotes / Poor Jerusalem 4:49
B3 Pilate's Dream 1:28
B4 The Temple 4:43
B5 Everything's Alright 0:34
B6 I Don't Know How To Love Him 3:36
B7 Damned For All Time / Blood Money 5:11
C1 The Last Supper 7:10
C2 Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say) 5:33
C3 The Arrest 3:24
C4 Peter's Denial 1:27
C5 Pilate And Christ 2:46
C6 King Herod's Song (Try It And See) 3:02
D1 Judas' Death 4:17
D2 Trial Before Pilate (Including The 39 Lashes) 5:13
D3 Superstar 4:16
D4 Crucifixion 4:04
D5 John Nineteen: Forty One Leader [Trinidad Singers, The] – Horace James (2) 2:10

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